8 Fairy Tale Cottages

I’m pretty sure I was Artemis in a previous existence. This probably explains why I love photographing landscapes, animals, and nature in general. I have a longing for all things woodland and I often dream about living in a sweet, cozy cottage in the middle of a rich rhododendron filled forest;  just being a steward of the land. I even wrote a short story about it once for a creative writing class.

So anyway, I have been searching and compiling a list and have come up with these 8 fairy tale cottages that would make Snow White envious.


(img - mthoodrealestate.com)
(img – mthoodrealestate.com)


There’s no greater modern-day fairytale village than Carmel-by-the-Sea in California. This community features a number of charming homes built in the 1920s by Hugh Comstock. It all began when the architect’s wife asked him to build her a doll house as a show room for the rag dolls she sold, and the result was ‘Hansel’.



How about this adorable Forest House in the Netherlands?



I really like this overgrown one in Canada.


(img - stand-out-cabin-designs.com)
(img – standout-cabin-designs.com)



This is my favorite one, I would like to one day have something like this, deep in the forest.



I love the simple yet beautiful lavender landscaping and the stucco walls of this cottage.


I hope you enjoyed looking at these adorable cozy cottages as much as I do and that they inspire you to create a beautiful living space.

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